How to Regain Balance In Your Wellness Routine

Routines are a great way to relieve stress in everyday life, and make sure you are doing the things you need to do, for yourself and others.
But they can easily get thrown out of proportion, or weigh heavily on one area, like work or family. Then it can be easy to lose sight of what’s important, get into survival mode, and suffer from anxiety and stress, even burnout.
Balance is the key word here. Achieving a sense of balance is important to keep anxiety and burnout at bay. So, after work, family, obligations, and errands, you also need to schedule time for wellness. Adding a wellness activity like massage into your routine means you will be able to benefit from the effects of consistent me-time.
How can you do that? Here are a few tips:
🌼 Set your intention
Know why you are choosing the activity you are choosing, why it’s worth it and what benefits it will bring you if you stick with it.
🌼 Allow space
Be kind to yourself and create space where you need to for your self-care. Maybe it’s a budget issue or a scheduling issue, but it’s good to be aware of what changes you might need to make to accommodate it.
🌼 Prioritize returning to your body
So many of your daily activities revolve around other people, so it’s important to return to your body and reenergize yourself with self-care. Massage is a great way to do that as it’s a gentle way to improve the body’s stress response. Treating your self-care with consistency will bring long-term positive results in your overall daily life.
However, there are some challenges. You may think that massage and other self-care practices demand a lot of time and money that you might not have in an already packed schedule. How can you show up consistently when this is an added source of stress?
Technology is your friend in this situation. With a massager device, you can enjoy all the benefits of massage without time and budget constraints. Simply find the one that’s best for your needs and set some time aside to enjoy a relaxing massage from the comfort of your home. Even as little as 15 minutes!

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